Empirical Research Partners LLC, a broker-dealer, was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing high-quality, in-depth research on a range of topics of interest to institutional investors. We are an independent research boutique serving clients worldwide, including many of the world’s largest institutions. Since its inception, our firm has consistently been recognized as a top provider of research on portfolio strategy and quantitative topics by Institutional Investor and other organizations. Research is our only line of business and our relationships with clients are consultative in nature.

We pride ourselves on the rigor and depth of our work. To the extent possible, we try to understand causality and get to the root cause of behaviors. Our views generally evolve slowly. Our philosophies have been formed over decades and we’re continually trying to improve upon them. It’s the ongoing research that makes the principles valuable. We have theories but, in the end, we prefer those supported by empirical evidence. Clients have chosen to work with us and recognize our efforts because we do “real work.” That’s the heart of our model.